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10 Things to Know Before You Go to Grand Cayman

There’s absolutely nothing much better than a couple of days in the Caribbean to eliminate the winter blues, though one watch out into the crystal clear water as well as any cares you might have will be washed away regardless of the period. I just recently had the possibility to go to the Cayman Islands as well as I will certainly tell you, it is heaven.

Located just listed below Cuba, there are three islands that compose the Cayman Islands, consisting of Cayman Brac, Little Cayman, and naturally, Grand Cayman. I invested my time on Grand Cayman, and of course, I’m ready to go back. However, before I go, I wished to share a few of the important things I gained from my very first visit to the Cayman Islands.

1. You want to stay on the west side of the island. For one, that’s where you’ll see an amazing sunset, however it’s additionally where you’ll find well known 7 Mile Coastline, which is where all the top hotels, like the Kimpton Seafire Resort as well as the Convenience Suites 7 Mile Beach are positioned. The airport and George Town, the capital city of the Cayman Islands, are additionally on the west side.

2. Nearly everything is closed on Sundays. You’ll locate some dining establishments open on Sundays, however every little thing else is shut. I walked right into George Town on a Sunday and saw one cruise liner, however every store was shut for the day. Simply a couple of dining establishments where open. It was almost a ghost town, but it was quite good considering that the town is dynamic every other day when the cruise ships remain in.

3. There’s no pier in Grand Cayman. Sure, you’ll locate great deals of cruise ships– Circus, Holland America, Disney– making stops in Grand Cayman, but there is no pier in George Community. Grand Cayman is a “tender port,” meaning that to get to shore you need be transported in a tender watercraft. On a hectic day, you might discover as several as loads ships parked away from the town transporting travelers in by boat.

4. You can do the Cayman Islands on a budget plan. When value-seekers think about the Caribbean, Jamaica and also Bahamas are normally top of mind, but a journey to the Caymans does not need to break the bank. The Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach, a well-known worth brand name, is situated on the coastline, supplies cost-free morning meal and also offers an extra discount to Option Privileges participants who reserve online at

5. Stingray City is just a sandbar in the middle of the water. I knew about Stingray City (it’s featured in Frommer’s 500 Places to Take Your Children Prior To They Mature), yet I didn’t understand it was a sandbar in Grand Cayman’s North Audio. I took a boat excursion with Six Senses Cayman Adventures and also was shocked when it was time to jump out in waistline deep water, yet there they were, loads of pleasant stingrays.

6. The Mudslide comes from Grand Cayman. I constantly assumed the Mudslide was birthed in Jamaica (or TGI Friday’s), but no way, it hails from Grand Cayman. Extra especially, the first one was blended greater than 40 years earlier at the Wreckage Bar & Grill at Grand Cayman’s Rum Point. You’ll make a stop for lunch at Rum Factor on the 6 Senses Eco Trip, so make certain to buy one with a side of conch fritters. Yum.

7. There aren’t as many starfish as you would certainly expect at Starfish Point. Honestly, Starfish Factor is amazing. I would certainly recommend this as a must-do to anybody. Nonetheless, I anticipated to see loads of starfish in the water. I saw perhaps eight or ten. It was very, really awesome, but sadly, a lot of starfish were drawn from the water by travelers and that was that. Currently it’s unlawful to remove starfish from Starfish Factor.

8. They drive on the left-side in Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands are a British nest. More particularly, they belong of the British West Indies. That noted, they drive on the left-hand side of the road, much like they perform in the U.K. You may not require to rent out an auto while in Grand Cayman, yet make certain to look the right method when preparing to go across the street so you don’t step out into approaching traffic.

9. Save your must-sees for after the cruise ship sail away. The cruise liner leave by mid-afternoon, or at the minimum, the cruisers are on their way back to their ships, so strategy to check out must-go areas, like Stingray City as well as Rum Factor back then. We went to the Cayman Turtle Centre around 4 pm and also had the place all to ourselves. There are turtles, certainly, yet there’s additionally a predator coral reef and an aviary.

10. It’s very easy to navigate the island by bus. It’s simply $2.50 to ride the bus to preferred areas, like Rum Factor, Cayman Turtle Centre and Heck. There are indications along the main road where you can wait for a minibus. I never ever saw any kind of indications, but from what I hear, it’s not hard to flag one down. Nevertheless, lots of ground trip operators will certainly select you up at your resort and also bring you back so you do not require to browse by yourself.

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